Achieving Excellence Through Knowledge


Hygiclean  Services  is  a  fast  growing  and  dependable  brand  you  can  rely  on  to deliver  efficient,  professional hygiene   services, cleaning services and pest control solutions.

We  offer  advanced  hygiene  services  using  cleaning  products  and   chemicals  that  are disposed in the most environmentally friendly manner. We  also provide  a  range  of  health  and  specialized services from  washroom  accessory  rentals to  deep  cleaning of carpets,  high access areas and roof structures and dust  control as well  as  basic  cleaning  consumables.  

Our  model  believes  in  per  client  needs analysis  by  carefully  considering our  client’s  individual needs. This  is  done  by  our   hygiene  and  customer  relationship  consultants  to  ensure  the  client  receives  the best  solution  and  value  for  their budget  and needs.

We are a customer focused brand which is dedicated to serve and explore new ideas and the latest innovations in  health and hygiene services.




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